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The EyeDirect is an eye-contact interview device for mounting in front of any camera to facilitate the interviewee seeing the face of the presenter, rather than looking off-camera to the interviewer, or straight down the lens. This enables incredibly connected, powerful interviews where the subject talks directly to the viewer. Unlike straight 'down the lens' presenting, this relaxes the subject who engages in a real conversation and will even look away in thought replicating normal interpersonal eye-contact patterns. The results are particularly effective for emotional content. 

This technique was pioneered in documentaries such as Touching the Void and has been used more recently in documentaries looking at particularly emotional subjects. With minimal setup, the EyeDirect 16x9 can be used by either a camera operator/interviewer duo, or a lone camera operator. The adjustable wing mirror tilts toward the top or bottom for director comfort. It can easily be used on the left or right side of the camera. It uses a high quality glass 60/40 beam splitter, identical to most teleprompters, the secondary mirror is also glass. The adjustable 22" sliding baseplate accommodates balance of most professional cameras and includes a riser for mounting prosumer and still cameras. The opening has a 16x9 ratio field of view (10.25" x 6.25") and the lens port diameter is 4". A rubber donut is included to block stray light around the lens barrel.

We are the only suppliers of the EyeDirect device within the Bristol and SouthWest area and offer a courier service nationally. 


2 photograph set up sheets

iPad Accessory


2 plastic headed bolts with alum head

Foam lense donut ring

Riser with 1/4'' male thread

Angle bracket

Mirrorbox with mirror and triangle foam mirror protectors

2 part base plate includes 4 wing nuts and 2 bolts with washers



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