Arri Alexa Mini

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The ALEXA Mini takes the image quality of the original ALEXA and puts it all into a much smaller Carbon Fiber package. The camera is capable of up to 200fps 2K ProRes and 30fps 2.8K ArriRAW recording to internal CFast 2.0 cards (60fps at 4:3 and 120fps at 16:9 if you go to a Codex recorder).  


1 Arri Alexa Mini Body

1 Arri Titanium PL LDS mount with L-Bus connector

1 Arri EF lens mount

1 Hawk-Woods Power-Con 2-pin plug (male) – Lemo 8-p 20cm length

1 Hawk-Woods V-Lock camera fitting – 4x power-con, 1x Lemo 2pin, 2x24V

RS outputs

1 Arri Alexa Mini Viewfinder

1 Arri Transvideo Starlite HD5-Arri 5” OLED monitor with Arri bus interface

1 Arri Bridge Plate BP-8 Set (19mm rods)

2 Mini adapter plate MAP-1

2 Mini adapter plate MAP-2

2 Mini side bracket MSB-1

2 Rod mounting bracket RMB-3

2 15mm reduction insert

1 Mini viewfinder bracket

1 Camera centre handle CCH-2

1 CFast 2.0 card reader

3 CFast 2.0 card 128 GB

1 Bridge plate adapter BPA-4

2 Rods 15mm x 340mm

1 Battery adapter plate BAP-1

1 Camera shoulder pad CSP-1

1 Ethernet cable 3m KC 153-S

1 Power cable straight KC-50 (2 meters)

1 Arri Alexa Mini audio connector with cable

1 Arri Peli case 1510



£35000 excl. VAT and Shipping (as of January 2016)