Atomos Ninja 2

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  • Per day: £35 (£42.00 inc vat)
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The Ninja-2 is a portable, intuitive touchscreen-operated HD recorder, monitor and playback device for professional media producers. It captures pristine 10-bit 4:2:2 video and audio direct from any HDMI source: DSLRs, decks, switchers, PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. The Ninja-2 consumes very little power, ensuring long recording times (up to 16.5 hours on a 750GB disk) and the efficient use of batteries.

  • Capture content in real-time directly from the camera sensor and encode it to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD formats, eliminating the lossy, time consuming capture-to-edit process. Bypass the image-degrading compression of in-camera flash storage and use limitless and cheap storage on removable 2.5 inch hard disks.
  • The AtomOS operating system driving the Ninja-2 allows access to all functions through a fast and responsive touch-screen interface. SmartMonitor helps you accurately assess focus and exposure with focus peaking, adjustable zebra, false colour twin mode, blue-only exposure check and adjustments for individual filters. SmartLog allows you to get started on post-production in the field by logging and pre-editing your footage on the fly.
  • The Ninja-2 is built from aircraft-grade aluminium. It’s light and can be mounted almost anywhere.


  • Ninja-2 10-bit HDMI Recorder

  • Official Atomos carry case
  • 1x Sony batteries + 1 x Canon battery-shim adapter w/ 2 x batteries

  • 1000mA single-plate AC battery charger inc. AC adapter and 9V AC eliminator

  • USB 2 Docking Station, including cables

  • AC Adapter

  • Solid State Drive (SanDisk Extreme II SDSSDXP -240G SATA 6GB/s 7200rpm 2.5 Inch) included. 

Additional drives can be hired at £10/day - please specify with your booking



370g / 13oz (without batteries & HDD)670g / 23.5oz (with batteries & HDD)


(without batteries)115mm (W) x 87mm (H) x 41mm (D)


Aircraft-grade aluminium for durability + portability. Fanless for silent operation.

Operating Power

3.0W (Monitoring Only) / 6.0W (Rec, Mon & Play)

Continuous Power*Patent Pending 

Primary-Secondary battery system.Change batteries without losing power.Loop batteries.


Size: 4.3” diagonal. Resolution: 800x480.Aspect Ratio: 16:9 native / 4:3 Letterbox. SMPTE Colour Specification. Native Frame Rate Playback (48-60Hz)

Video Input

Uncompressed 10/8-bit 4:2:2 Simultaneously displayed on internal 4.3” Ninja-2 screen/HDMI x 1(HD/SD-SDI x1 with optional Connect SDI > HDMI converter)HDMI 1.4

Video Output

Reclocked, ultra low jitter professional grade HDMI output, “HDMI 1.4”

Supported Formats

(In/Out) HD 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080p30, 1080p25,1080p24,1080p23.98,1080p30(60i),1080p25(50i),1080p24(60i), 1080p23.98(60i), 720p60, 720p59.94,720p50, SD 480i, 576i Most HDMI cameras output 24P, 25P and 30P as 50i or 60i,see

Realtime Hardware Encoding 1920x1080 8/10-bit 4:2:2 to:

Apple ProRes® > Avid DNxHD (available end Q3/2012) HQ - 220Mbps 422 - 150Mbps LT - 100Mbps Avid DNxHD-220/220x - 220Mbps (8/10-bit) Avid DNxHD-185/185x - 185Mps (8/10-bit) Avid DNxHD-145 - 145 Mbps (8-bit)

Audio input

HDMI 2 channel + 2 analog channels with gain controls

Audio Output

HDMI 2 channel,Analog line and Headphone

Remote Start and Stop

HDMI start/stop flags (Canon compatible)


Sony and Canon compatible HDMI timecode in and out




£205 excl. VAT and Shipping (CVP List Price April 2016)