Canon EOS 5D MkII

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The camera that changed everything.

The 5D Mark II still delivers the same incredible results as it did when it launched.

Offering stunning depth of field and low-light capabilities, hire the 5D Mark II when you need the benefits of a Full Frame sensor and Canon's image processing in a very compact, economical and reliable body.

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Camera body

Camera Body Cap

2 batteries



(Cards, lenses, monitors or tripods are not included but can be hired on this site)


21.1 Megapixel full frame CMOS sensor

For the ultimate in creative shooting, the EOS 5D Mark II features a full frame CMOS sensor (36mm x 24mm). With no cropping or magnification effects, enjoy a true wide angle experience through the large, bright viewfinder. Redesigned pixels minimise noise, while a 21.1 Megapixel resolution surpasses the standards demanded by the leading picture agencies.


Canon’s DIGIC 4 works with the EOS 5D Mark II’s image sensor to deliver outstanding reproduction of colours and subtle tonal gradations. DIGIC 4 also delivers split-second start-up times, Face Detection AF in Live View mode, and additional HD movie recording.

High ISO

For handheld shooting in low light, the EOS 5D Mark II offers ISO speeds of up to 6400. For dark scenes where using flash is undesirable, this can be expanded to an incredible ISO 25600.

Full HD movie recording

The EOS 5D Mark II complements outstanding still imaging capabilities with Full HD (1080) video recording. Users can even shoot video to memory card without losing the ability to capture still images. An HDMI connection allows High Definition playback of footage and images on an HDTV.

3.0” High Resolution LCD

The 3.0” Clear View LCD features 920,000 dot resolution, wide viewing angle and dual anti-reflective coatings – allowing ultra-detailed image review in a variety of conditions. Live View displays real-time images on the LCD, offering three types of auto focus: Quick AF, Live AF, and Face Detection Live AF, which locks onto faces detected in the frame.

Up to 3.9 frames per second

The EOS 5D Mark II offers continuous shooting at up to 3.9 frames per second. When shooting JPEGs to a UDMA card, maximum burst is limited only by card capacity.

9-point AF + 6 Assist AF points

Precision auto focus is assured by Canon’s AF system, which employs 9 selectable points and 6 Assist AF points.

EOS Integrated Cleaning System

Canon’s built-in dust prevention system offers three ways of guarding images against the effects of dust: reduction of internal dust generation; an in-camera sensor cleaning mechanism; and the ability to map stubborn dust spots for removal with Digital Photo Professional software (included). 

Durable, compact design

With a magnesium alloy construction, environmental protection and shutter durability of 150,000 releases, the EOS 5D Mark II is equally suited to location or studio work.



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